Online courses can be accessed through a variety of technologies, such as videoconferencing, web conferencing and the Université de Moncton online course platform, Desire2Learn.

In online courses, students do not necessarily need to store information on their computer because the course content and learning activities can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Some activities are given in real time (live with the professor and other students), while others are organized in non-real time (at the student’s pace). Online courses introduce students to an entirely new and one-of-a-kind learning environment. They provide opportunities for new encounters and networking opportunities with other online students in the same situation as them. Using web-based technologies, students can plan and organize their time to suit their personal and professional lives.

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Personalized support

In conjunction with professor’s input a support team is available to help students throughout the learning process. Available from the beginning as well as during courses, they answer questions outside normal business hours.